About Us

To Explain the Name

Bubby - a term of endearment that means little brother or sibling.

Bon Bons - French for good good or goody goody as in Bon Appetite or Bon Voyage. Bon Bons are a sweet confection center of varied flavors that are dipped in chocolate while truffles are usually chocolate based centers dipped in more chocolate or rolled in nuts.

Bubby's BON BONS is owned and operated by Bryan "Bubby" Splittorff and his wife, Tiffany "Tiffy" Splittorff of tiffysdesserts.com.  We have known each other all of our lives, because our parents were best friends before we were born.  After a long time apart we bumped into each other at a family gathering and soon after started dating.  We got married about a year later, and realized that we both loved to bake.  So for the past 26 years, we have been baking together (Bubby making bon bons, and Tiffy making bundt cakes).  In 2018 we purchased a bake shop (Tiffy's Desserts) and started making cupcakes, custom cakes, ice cream, cookies, brownies, cake pops and of course bundt cakes and bon bons.


(Picture of Bubby & Tiffy with their 3 boys -from left to right Cole, Payton & Parker)

The Original Coconut BON BON Recipe: Bubby learned how to bake at a very young age, for one reason, so he could make his own sweets.  One of the items that he loved to make with his mom (Priscilla) was coconut bon bons.  The story goes that the original recipe for the coconut bon bons was passed down from my grandfather who we called Pappa.  One day while he was fixing someone's washing machine, she gave him some coconut bon bons.  He loved them so much that he pleaded with her to get the recipe.  He eventually got it, and then my grandmother, who we called Mamma, started to make them.  She passed the recipe down to my mother, and she in turn passed it down to me.  I do have to admit that I have tweaked the recipe a little bit over the years to add more coconut (you can never have too much coconut).

The Accident: In 2002, while still pregnant with our third son, Tiffany was in a head on collision that rolled her car.  The car caved in and crushed her hands, feet, and head (but there wasn't a scratch on her belly where our son Cole was - The Lord was looking after her that day).  Tiffany went through months of physical, speech and occupational therapy to help her learn how to do nearly everything all over again.  Due to her severe injuries, she lost both her sense of smell and taste.  Most would have given up baking at that point, but not her (she is an amazing woman).  Nearly 3 and a half years later she regained her sense of smell and taste.

For the Love of Baking: Throughout the years of our marriage we have had everyone that has tried our baked goods tell us that we should open a bake shop.  So after many years of just baking for family, friends and others, we have decided to share our treats with the world.  We put our passion and love of baking and serving others into every product that we make.  Bubby's BON BONS are hand rolled and dipped, made from scratch, and bring back the old world style of making sweat treats.  Come try some today, your taste buds will thank you.

Shipping: Due to chocolate being heat sensitive, all orders must be shipped by 2-3 Day air with a cooler and an ice pack, picked up, or delivered locally.  We can only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays so that your BON BONS will arrive fresh in 2-3 days (Thursday's shipments will arrive on Saturday).  Anything longer than 2-3 days is not plausible to keep the chocolate cool.  Due to our location in Arizona, shipping is more limited during the Summer months due to the extreme heat.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at bubby@bubbysbonbons.com, info@tiffysdesserts or 480-282-8611.  You can also stop by our bakeshop (Tiffy's Desserts) at 9699 N Hayden Rd Ste E-109, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 (Hayden Rd and Mountain View). We look forward to serving you.